What are some habits that will benefit you for a lifetime?

1. Set your alarm 10-15 minutes earlier to avoid being rushed. Allow your brain and body more time to be awake.

2. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, two minutes each time, in the morning and before bed.

3. Prevent dental caries with dental floss and fluoride toothpaste. Good teeth lead to good smiles and good appetites.

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4. Toothbrushes need to be replaced in three months. If the bristles have been deformed or faded, they should be replaced in time.

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5. After using the towel, scrub, wring out, unfold and hang it up.

6. When you get up, drink a glass of water.

7. Go to the toilet if you have to. Don’t hold it.

8. Keep an eye on your urine or feces, and pay attention to any abnormalities in the color or the appearance.

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9. People with hypertension and diabetes should take medicine according to doctor’s advice. Do not change your drug type, dose, or use any food supplement instead of drugs.

10. After sitting for a long time, remember to stand up and move your body.

11. Have a good breakfast every day.

12. Keep snacks away from your desk, couch, coffee table. Hide them in the deepest drawer, or on the top of the shelves.

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13. Swap out puffed foods for nuts and fruit.

Nuts are best in their original flavor. Buy Fresh fruit, not fried or dried fruit or preserves.

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14. Put a cushion on your regular chair or couch.

15. Whether it’s lifting heavy objects or picking up a piece of paper from the floor, you got to squat down first and pick it up with a straight back.

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16. No slouching, no hurrying. Lift your hips, take big steps, and keep your head up when you walk.

17. Less sausage, ham, or bacon.

18. Eat a regular diet, with 70% full for each meal.

19. Don’t always chew food with one side of your teeth. Chew it on both sides alternately.

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20. Reheat the leftovers thoroughly before eating them.

21. Cut down on carbonated and sugary drinks.

22. Take a sip when you’re happy. Otherwise, avoid alcohol altogether.

23. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, and ride a bike instead of a car when in no hurry.

24. Do moderate aerobic activity five times a week for at least half an hour each. This will help you reduce fat and tone up your body, improve your heart and lungs, and make you more good-looking.

25. Have your teeth cleaned every six months to a year.

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26. Separate chopping boards for raw and cooked foods, and separate dishcloths for wiping tables and washing up.

27. Don’t drink alcohol or eat food that is too cold, too spicy on an empty stomach.

28. Have regular medical check-up, usually once a year.

29. It is better not to eat before going to bed. If you are really hungry, a small cup of milk, a piece of bread or a handful of nuts are more appropriate.

30. Don’t drink too much water before bed to avoid frequent urination at night.

31. Choose a comfortable pillow, a fist high, 1.5 times your shoulder width, and the neck support can be 3-5 cm higher than the back side of your head.

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32. Keep your passion for life, and your curiosity about the world as a child.

33. Learn to control your emotions and accept your good mood and bad temper.

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